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If you want the finest angular material for your driveways, steep inclines, roads, building pads, embankments and walking paths, we can help you.

Quarry Rock

Crushed quarry rock is the preferred rock for driveways and pathways. Driveways usually call for crushed quarry rock with fines (referred to as MINUS, as in 3/4″ minus). The fines help pack down the rock better than a product that has no fines.


Quarry rock works well for driveways, pathways shop pads, and RV pads.


Apply at a depth of 2″- 3″ for walkways and mud control around buildings.
A 4”-6" deep application works for drive ways and RV Pads. (Unless new Construction)


3/4" minus (with fines)
1 ½″ minus (with fines)
3" minus (with fines)


Do you need rock but funds are tight? You can finance your rock delivery! Contact us for more information!

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1 1/2" Minus 15 ton load Delivered
  • $225.00
3/4″ minus 15 ton load delivered
  • $225.00